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Atlantic County Republican Sheriff Candidate Joe “Tokyo” O’Donoghue draws a line in the sand

Atlantic City, NJ - Republican candidate for Atlantic County Sheriff Joe “Tokyo” O’Donoghue issued a statement today ahead of an appearance on the Hurley in the Morning Show where he addressed a planned protest in Atlantic City this weekend On July 4th. “You have activists issuing threats and announcing their plans well ahead of what is supposed to be the best weekend in Atlantic City for business owners and casinos. In response, you have the Pagans, a motorcycle group that in the past has been connected to violence attending to counter protest. Who needs fireworks for 4th of July with this powder keg waiting to explode? In the middle of al is this the question I keep asking, is where is Democrat Eric Sheffler? The highest ranking uniformed police officer in Atlantic County is nowhere and his silence is deafening.” O’Donoghue said

O’Donoghue also addressed the “defund the police movement” which has gained national notoriety in the past several weeks. “These people that think you can take money from policing to solve the problems facing this country are sadly mistakenly. It starts with training. We need to train our officers to understand the communities they serve, and be a part of those communities so we can work together. When I take over as our Sheriff here in Atlantic County, I’ll lead those training sessions alongside my executive staff. We will be the example.” O’Donoghue said

O’Donoghue went on to discuss the recent protests across Atlantic County and the impact felt locally by incidents in Minneapolis and Atlanta. “I’ve been at events in Atlantic City, and all across the county helping to support and heal. We are all traumatized by what’s happening out there on top of COVID-19. What I will tell you is concerning to me, is the absence of Democrat Eric Sheffler. What is he doing with his time, where is his leadership team?” O’Donoghue said

“In the paper, on social media, and on TV Democrat Eric Sheffler is silent. Offering no support to our sworn officers, and no support for the community that’s reeling from these incidents. Nothing. It’s such a disappointment.” O’Donoghue said

“I have to wonder why he stays silent on this issue, he certainly has time to campaign with Amy Kennedy. He has time to issue statements calling on members of his party to help local businesses. But as a constitutional officer in this county, he’s offering no opinions on some of the most profound crises to face law enforcement in the last decade. “O’Donoghue said.

O'Donoghue reflected on his plans once he is sworn in as Sheriff in 2021. “I can tell you right now, under my watch there will be community policing. There will be cultural sensitivity training. I’ll be the one who leads it, as well. I’ll hold my officers to the same standard I set for myself. I’ll ensure that Sheriff’s Officers are a clarion voice of hope in our communities. You have my word on that.” O'Donoghue said.

“I have and will continue to defend police officers who are often faced with stressful, violent, split second decisions to take action. That's what it means to be a police officer and it's not easy. Incidents like those we have seen in recent days and weeks erode the good work done by thousands of men and women in law enforcement across this country every day.“ O’Donoghue said

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