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Atlantic County Sheriff Candidate Joe “Tokyo” O’Donoghue demands an apology from Sheriff Sheffler.

Atlantic County Republican Sheriff candidate Joe “Tokyo” O’Donoghue condemns Democrat Eric Sheffler’s lack of commitment to law enforcement.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ - Following comments made by Democratic Congressional Candidate Amy Kennedy in an appearance with the NAACP earlier this week,

“Amy Kennedy and her fellow democrats support defunding police.  She’s on video telling the world that taking critical funds away from our law enforcement professionals “has merit”.

My opponent Eric Sheffler endorsed Amy Kennedy months ago, and supported her throughout the Democratic primary.  He got on board with her early and said he “supports her 1000 percent”.  It’s been 3 days of total silence from Eric Sheffler and I'm disgusted.  He owes an apology to the thousands of current and retired law enforcement officers in our county. Starting with those he commands at the Sheriff's Department.” O’Donoghue said

Earlier this week Joe “Tokyo” O’Donoghue rallied his supporters to attend the “Back the Blue” event in Northfield. I reached out to my running mates and other leaders of the Republican party here in Atlantic County. We sprung into action and had over 250 people there in support of law enforcement. It was a beautiful thing.  However, our Sheriff Eric Sheffler who by the way lives in Northfield was nowhere to be seen.” O’Donoghue said.

O’Donoghue called on Democratic Sheriff Eric Sheffler "To withdraw his support for a radical liberal like Amy Kennedy, and apologize to every law enforcement officer in Atlantic County” O’Donohue said.

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