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Joe "Tokyo" O'Donoghue Receives Widespread Police Endorsements

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

With just a few weeks to go until election day, the endorsements are in and the police groups have spoken. Joe "Tokyo" O'Donoghue, Republican candidate for Atlantic County Sheriff, has racked up an impressive and widespread list of police endorsements. Of particular standout, the Atlantic County Sheriff's Officers PBA and popular previous two term Sheriff of Atlantic County, Frank X. Balles, have lent their support to O'Donoghue.

Below lists all of O'Donoghues police endorsements:

Atlantic County Sheriff Officers PBA

Of particular note, the PBA which represents the Sheriff's officers in Atlantic County chose to endorse the challenger, Joe "Tokyo" O'Donoghue versus the current Sheriff. "This speaks volumes", says O'Donoghue. "This group of brave men and women of the Sheriff's department chose to turn their backs on their own boss, which is not an easy thing to do -- risking their own careers in the process. They were made to vote two times on this issue and still chose to support me. I don't take their endorsement lightly and consider it the highest honor".

Former Atlantic County Sheriff, Frank X. Balles

One of the most effective and popular Sheriffs in Atlantic County history, Frank X. Balles has formally endorsed Joe "Tokyo" O'Donoghue for Sheriff.

At a recent fundraiser for O'Donoghue in Atlantic City, Balles stated:

"Joe has got to be our next Sheriff. Joe has put in the time, he has been with the Sheriff's office and law enforcement probably longer than anybody. The Sheriff that we have right now, nice guy, but he's just not doing the job that needs to be done in the Sheriff's office.

When I got in there in 2009, we were able to reconstruct the Sheriff's office, build that place up and hand it over to him, (Eric Scheffler) like giving him a brand new Cadillac on Christmas morning. He's been able to ding that thing up, dent it up -- he hasn't even changed the oil on it --so it's time to hand that Cadillac over to the guy who's going to take care of that Sheriff's office.

He'll take care of the officers in that Sheriff's office and make sure we get back on track where we are being a law enforcement agency again -- where we are asking the municipalities for the help that they need, not telling them what you're going to do in their municipality. That's not the way you go about it. Law enforcement is local. The Sheriff's office is there to be a multiplier and to assist law enforcement when they ask for it. Not to come in and try and take over their department.

My full support is with Joe. Joe has a great message. He will be a great Sheriff. I will be proud to be there to assist him in any way shape or form that he needs."

The Fraternal Order of Police Atlantic Lodge #34

Lodge #34 represents the rank and file of the Correctional Police officers serving Atlantic County.

"We feel, as do many of the citizens of Atlantic County that you were the most qualified candidate and will serve the citizens of Atlantic county with distinction. Your accomplishments within your law enforcement career with the Atlantic County Sheriff‘s office speak volumes of your qualifications and the dedication to those you serve." - Nicholas Procaccini, President

Protect our Police PAC

Protect Our Police PAC is the only national organization exclusively committed to electing Pro-Police political candidates to public office across the United States of America. Founded by retired Police Officers, Protect Our Police PAC helps recruit and elect candidates that will never turn their backs on our Police Officers and other first responders on the front line.

New Jersey Policeman's Benevolent Association - Cape/Atlantic Conference

"We feel you will be a good representative of our organization and will be encouraging our officers to support you. We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming election. With your dedication and past service to the community as a former law-enforcement officer we know you will make a great Sheriff for our county and an advocate for our members."

- Mike Palmentieri, Vice Chairman, Egg Harbor Township Police Department

Joe "Tokyo" O'Donoghue Official Endorsement Statement

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